Are you a one-of-a-kind BRAND?

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Do you truly embody your personal BRAND? What’s your signature look? How do you communicate? What makes you UNIQUE?

Last night, Stanford CS: Branding Yourself Strategically had 2 outstanding presenters who emphasized these questions.

The first presenter was Erica Lee, VP Global Marketing and CEO of StrategicLee, Inc. She shared 10 important steps in the branding process:

(1) Create the brand (2) Find the medium (3) Build your community (4) Create a signature (5) Define your platform (6) Start partnering (7) Start communicating (8) Start conversing (9) Get out there, and (10) Become consistent.

She also stressed the importance of ENGAGING with people and to always remember that your AUDIENCE is king. Erica really encourages to  ”do unto others as you would have them do unto you” which means attending your friends/followers events, commenting on their blogs, retweeting their posts, etc.

Gather Your Crowd asked Erica about her brand engagement using social media and this is what she had to say:

The second presenter was Jeremy Toeman, Founder of Stage Two. Jeremy, who is an expert in digital media and consumer technology, delighted us with his sense of humor and shared very useful tips on the use of Twitter for Branding.

He is a believer in showing WHO you are in the process of engaging with others using social media. “Communicate your GOALS visibly, be personable, relevant and above all, consistent!” “All is fair in love and Twitter!” said Jeremy while talking about the type of information to be posted on Twitter. He also made reference to the Social Media Venn Diagram.

We asked Jeremy about his prefered social media tools for personal branding online and here is what he told us:

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  • Carla Ivette Yashiro

    Dear Laura:
    Thank you for your comment! What “Gather Your Crowd” would suggest you do is:
    -First “Listen” (Check what other similar products/brands are doing in different places: blogs, microblogs, social networks, review sites, forums, etc.)
    -Start small. Try one platform at a time and master it before you move to the next. We started with a blog, then a facebook page, then explored Twitter, and now we are engaged in all 3 without feeling overwhelmed because we found the “tools” to simplify.
    -Your initial network will be those who are closest to you (That’s ok!) At the end of the day Social Media is all about relationships, referrals and word of mouth (on steroids that is) ;)

    Good luck! Join our Facebook Fan Page for daily tips:

  • Laura Solomon

    As a novice of the social media, I am working toward promoting my Etsy shop. I have no training in business, having previously been a teacher, but would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer.

  • Angelika

    Excellent synopsis of the evening! We are so lucky we live in an area that has exceptional people and that they are willing to drive 2 hours to come and share their knowledge with us. It was a very interesting evening and lots of fun as well.

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