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Gather Your Crowd is proud to be working with a young, fresh and fun web 2.0 startup that provides a platform for both

  • performing artists to showcase their portfolio in a flashy kind of way that promises to make MySpace and ReverbNation jealous, and also for
  • venues to promote performances and other events and specials virally through mobile technology and the most popular social networks!

Shastic was founded by Joseariel Gómez a young entrepreneur who is also a self-made IT architect and web developer and is responsible for the Company’s overall technology and direction. He is also a singer and a guitar player and has studied Bel Canto and contemporary singing in Italy, Mexico and the USA. Aside from his artistic background, Joseariel also polished his business and financial skills with Merrill Lynch in Washington, D.C.  His business knowledge and technical background combined with his passion for music and the arts lead him to develop an extraordinary social tool that is already attracting performers from every corner of the Bay Area and beyond.

Shastic is now running a Beta Program for venues. We are looking for volunteers to test drive! If you are interested please send us a message through our Contact Us form.

Find out more about Shastic by joining their Facebook and Twitter crowds or become a Shastician by publishing your portfolio on

  • Joseariel Gomez

    Thank you for your comments Megon,

    I noticed you are a performing artist and would like to invite you to create an artistic portfolio at Shastic. Here is a link to our express portfolio creation form in case you are interested.

    Joseariel Gomez

  • Megon McDonough

    Looks Great!
    Thank you for creating something to help artists create!

    Best of luck!
    Megon McDonough

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