Silicon Valley Tweetup, Monster Mash-Up style with TechKaraoke and Halloween!

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Good times last night at the Silicon Valley Monster Mash-Up! An appropriate name for this event sponsored by a trove of great companies, generously offering highly covetable raffle prizes (my ticket was so close to winning that sweet Mobile Internet Device!) and proceeds going to the Anissa Lopez foundation. Live entertainment was provided by TechKaraoke. Emil, you rocked out with Kiss; I want to see you do that again!  And of course a Halloween costume contest complete with an appearance by the formidable Darth Vader.  That was a lot of mash-up!

Darth, would like a breath mint?

One thing I love about Tweetups is seeing people I know and meeting new people to connect with online and continue getting to know.  After a social media event I always want to call out people’s names like the teacher on that children’s’ educational TV show from the 60’s (what IS her name?), “I see Terre, I see Michael, I see Thomas….”

Great fun and looking forward to the next Tweetup! Oh, who will I meet next?

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avatar avatarCherie Del Carlo October 30, 2009 at 1:44 pm

Thank you Terre! At some 4 AM-ish hour this morning the name, “Romper Room” sauntered into my recollection. Yes, Miss Mary Ann has called your name from the blogoshere! She had fun doing it too ;-)

Great meeting you and John, the other night. There’ll be plenty more Tweetups…perhaps we could venture together to other Tweetups while waiting for Michael to out-do himself again next month.

In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

avatar avatarTerre Pruitt October 30, 2009 at 10:34 am

I keep trying to not be so hard on myself becuase I missed the first three TweetUps and this one was so much fun, I realized I was missing out big time. But this was the first time my schedule allowed me to go. But I look forward to the next one.

I love that I get to meet great people like you and Rob, support a great cause, and re-connect with others.

I also love your reference to Romper Room. I leaned closer to the monitor just like I used to lean towards the TV so that Miss Mary Ann would call my name. This time it worked! Cool. Thank you.

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