The Process of Creating a Personal Brand

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Cherie del Carlo, Carla Ivette Yashiro and guest speaker Rani H. GillStanford’s Continuing Studies course Branding Yourself Strategically had its debut yesterday with a very diverse group of students from countries like Finland, Germany, France, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, India and of course the US. Angelika Blendstrup, the instructor, masterfully engaged the students’ attention and provided some very insightful tips as to where to begin when creating a personal brand.

“Your brand is what makes you memorable,”  a student said during one of the exercises. Among the highlights of the first half of the session, Angelika brought to the forefront the Eight Laws of Personal Branding by Peter Montoya and the Made to Stick Model by Chip and Dan Heath.

The awaited first speaker arrived during the second half of the session, Rani H. Gill who is an instructional technology designer. Rani’s  presentation titled, “Creating a Brand: Test & Reiterate” covered her best practices which include having two elements very clear: WHO you are and WHERE you want to go. Gather Your Crowd had the pleasure of interviewing Rani and this is what she said about her philosophy of success and how she promotes her brand online:

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  • Isabel Garcia

    Rali stated an important point of branding, which is to create and communicate a clear statement of what an individual can offer to those seeking that service. Excellent post Carla!

  • Johane

    Thank you for an awesome first class. I am very much looking forward to the next one.

  • Kent

    Well done. This is what we also espouse at our Self Marketing meetings.

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