Gather Your Crowd Presents at Stanford University: Building Your Personal Brand Using Facebook

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Carla Ivette Yashiro and I (Cherie Del Carlo) had the opportunity to present to students at Stanford Continuing Studies’ course, “Branding Yourself Strategically” on the topic of “Building Your Brand Using Facebook.” Thank you Angelika Blendstrup for the invitation!

We covered several high level essentials of BRANDING and focused on the benefits and best practices of building your identity while engaging your network on both a Personal Profile and a Fan Page on the most popular social network today: Facebook.

Before diving into our topic, we asked the class to tell us what the Gather Your Crowd brand name made them think and feel. Here’s what some of the students had to say:

  • “You’re building a group of people that share something in common with you.”
  • “Reminds me of either a concert or a graduation or some sort of enormous celebratory event.”
  • “There’s no social media in it.”
  • “For me, my emotions when I read your title its great, I want to go to your page and I want to read about this, and I want to be in that crowd…. It’s all positive emotions.”
  • “Feels like the logo is still evolving. Doesn’t feel like you’re sure about it yet.”
  • “I was thinking more networking with common interests. Looking at the picture that you used, what I perceive is that it’s an event and that everyone is there for a common purpose. And then the words “gather your crowd”, like if you’re at a football game you’re cheering for the same team. So there’s the common interest then the words.”

This was a great exercise and opportunity for us to receive feedback on our brand. Having built it on our own, Carla and I were equally flattered and made wiser by students’ perceptions. Thank you students of Branding Yourself Strategically!

Whenever you get the chance to get feedback, take it! Ask people to tell you how they perceive your brand name or what feelings your established brand identity evokes in them. Be ready to adapt and change if the answers do not match your original objectives.

Here’s some wisdom from the class about what a BRAND should do:

“Your brand is the experience you want your clients to have.” “It should contain three elements: who you are and what you are, how you do it, and who the people are that you help.” “Your passion makes a difference, then it’s not sales. Knowing what you have to offer, what you have to share is different. People can choose to receive it, pass it on or pass on it.”

Once you’re ready to take your brand public and gather your crowd ;-) keep in mind these and other best practices on Facebook.

  • Choose privacy settings and friend filters on your personal profile to reflect how much, how little and what kind of information you want people to see, including who can and cannot see it.
  • Share your information and become a trusted agent instead of promoting or selling to avoid being a perceived as a spammer.
  • Listen to and monitor what people are saying about your brand
  • Adapt and let your brand evolve
  • Be one with your Brand Identity
  • Be consistent

As you advance and become comfortable with owning your brand through your persona, there are other best practices to implement that will help you better ENGAGE your fans and friends in both your Personal Profile or Fan Page. If you’d like to know what these are, send us a note with your request for the presentation and we’ll gladly provide it.

When you’re ready, Infographics are another great way to further your marketing efforts and promote your brand using the power of visual imagery. Let your brand and who you are, what you do and whom you help shine through a colorfully pleasing and informative Infographic. Dosh Dosh makes this evocative and agreeable statement about Infographics, “In the realm of art or activism, images reflect the underlying current of collective feeling by vocalizing both public consensus and private desires.”

To enhance our presentation we developed an infographic to communicate key components of the Gather Your Crowd brand, which included our Mission Statement or mantra and our values, strengths, and role with our clients. To view larger, simply click on the graphic:

Gather Your Crowd's Branding Infographic

Stay tuned for next week’s article highlighting week three course presenter, Ravit Lichtenberg of Ustrategy. Ravit will talk about, “Managing your brand: What are your steps to drive your brand?” Looking forward to it Ravit!

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