Building Your Personal Brand Using Facebook

There is more to a BRAND than just the name. Gather Your Crowd will co-facilitate the Stanford Continuing Studies’ course, “Branding Yourself Strategically.

We’ll explore Gather Your Crowd’s brand, brand experience and engagement on Social Media as a whole and focus on the most popular social network to date: Facebook.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • What’s Gather Your Crowd’s BRAND and BRAND IDENTITY?
  • How to develop a Brand Strategy for Engagement on Facebook
    • Best Practices on your Personal Profile
      • Privacy settings to better manage your network
      • How to grow your network and engage through the use of status updates, notes, links, etc.
    • Best Practices on your Fan Pages
      • How to improve your SEO (Readers, aggregators, syndication,  metrics,  frequency and reach)
      • How to link your website/blog to your Fan Page

For more information visit the Stanford Continuing Studies website.