Gather Your Crowd invites you to join the BRANDING conversation at Stanford University

February 8, 2010

Join Gather Your Crowd at Stanford University as a special guest to Network and learn about Branding this coming Wednesday, January 10th, 2010. To participate: You must be Gather Your Crowd’s Facebook Fan. You must contact us here! The first 3 who reach us will be the lucky winners. Featured speakers: Erica Lee of StrategicLee Jeremy [...]

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Social Media Strategy: 5 Keys to Creating a Successful Online Brand

February 5, 2010

Two Thumbs up! Gather Your Crowd feels extremely proud to co-facilitate Stanford Continuing Studies class: Branding Yourself Strategically. In only 3 sessions Angelika Blendstrup, the instructor, has created a family-like-environment where people from a diversity of professional and cultural backgrounds are now making long lasting connections. Really! Only someone like Angelika who is fluent in 5 languages and has lived [...]

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Gather Your Crowd Presents at Stanford University: Building Your Personal Brand Using Facebook

January 29, 2010

Carla Ivette Yashiro and I (Cherie Del Carlo) had the opportunity to present to students at Stanford Continuing Studies’ course, “Branding Yourself Strategically” on the topic of “Building Your Brand Using Facebook.” Thank you Angelika Blendstrup for the invitation! We covered several high level essentials of BRANDING and focused on the benefits and best practices of [...]

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Is Social Networking Becoming Too Personal or Not Personal Enough?

January 25, 2010

During this past holiday season I had reason to ponder this question, based on several occurrences. A friend posted on Facebook that he was getting a vasectomy, which one might say is “too much information.”  However, what made his post interesting is that his procedure was the same day one of the earthquakes hit here [...]

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The Top Ten Ways to Generate Targeted Traffic To Your Website

January 23, 2010

Why would you want to generate more quality traffic towards your website? The answer is simple: More traffic to your website -> more eye balls -> more clicking -> more sales -> more money. Last night, I attended Gene Chamson’s Bay Area Net Marketing Alliance Meetup where he hosted Nadir Hussain, COO of MediaFlint, Inc., [...]

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The Process of Creating a Personal Brand

January 22, 2010

Stanford’s Continuing Studies course Branding Yourself Strategically had its debut yesterday with a very diverse group of students from countries like Finland, Germany, France, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, India and of course the US. Angelika Blendstrup, the instructor, masterfully engaged the students’ attention and provided some very insightful tips as to where to begin [...]

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Gather Your Crowd Presenting at Stanford Continuing Studies: Branding Yourself Strategically

January 18, 2010

This winter Carla Ivette Yashiro and I will be presenters, co-facilitators and online community builders for Stanford Continuing Studies’ course, “Branding Yourself Strategically,” lead by Angelika Blendstrup of Blendstrup & Associates. On Wednesday, January 27th we will present on “Building Your Personal Brand Using Facebook.” Come back next week for my blog post covering nuggets of [...]

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A Success Story in Social Media

January 11, 2010

Gather Your Crowd had the opportunity to attend the January Self Marketing Event “How to Live Your Passion and Be Prosperous” co-facilitated by Faith Rivera, Emmy-winning singer/songwriter and successful self-marketer and Nolan Hee, world champion poker player, IT manager at NBC Universal Burbank and Indy record label producer. Nolan and Faith shared their best practices to achieve success which [...]

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“Social Media will soon be like the telephone… we won’t care about measuring its effectiveness!”

November 17, 2009

The title of this post was a concluding thought from the November 11th talk hosted by Society for New Communications Research (#sncr) and given by the “Queen of Measurement,” Katie Paine of KD Paine & Partners. It’s wild to think about the future of social media this way and how it will be so infused [...]

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A new face for LinkedIn

November 8, 2009

Have you noticed anything different in your LinkedIn account lately? If you do is because LinkedIn is currently testing a new design. Not everyone will be able to see it yet but it is coming and it promises to be cleaner and less cluttered. Read the complete article posted by the Principal User Experience Designer at LinkedIn [...]

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